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French Door Blinds

Your Guide To Error-free Selection Of French Door Blinds

French door blinds – this is uncommon and confusing. Are they blinds for your doors? But they are also called door window blinds. So – are the French door blinds designed for the windows? This seems rather complicated. Any amateur in home treatments, solutions and designs will have a hard time comprehending (unless properly explained) the concept of French door blinds.

Let us first explain what is this window treatment solution called French door blinds? Also called door window blinds (this is the culprit in creating the confusion), the French door blinds are styles used to cover windows.

The practical use is applied to double doors type that would necessitate inclusion of glass insert. You can make this unique and elegant. Would you like to leave it as such – the insert glass exposed?  If so, you are visible from outside and vice versa, you can look through the glass to see what is happening outside your abode. Privacy is out of the question. So this motivated the designers to come-up with the French door blinds. The French door blinds market is opened and blinds manufacturer have a new business source.

Here are tips to serve as useful guide in selecting your French door blinds.

  1. The French door blinds come in different styles. This gives the home decorator and homeowner a variety of options. The home stylist can offer suggestions and the home owner can concur or find fancy on another style.
  2. This is also good from the decorating point of view. How does the style match with the other decors and accents of the room? You just don’t pick any style you fancy, it might not go beautifully with the rest of the room. If you insist, either let you room look like a circus or change the rest of the decors. But if you have an interior designer, just follow the advice. For one, interior designers are trained for this job.
  3. The budget is one great factor. The style you have to choose must fit in the total amount you are to spend. In this economically deficient period, you have to be budget conscious. Budget and beauty should be your credo.
  4. You will decide whether to have an outside mount or an inside mount. Another valuable tip – have an upright evaluation of your door. 
  5. Measure first your doors together with the window inserts. If your size is not standard, chances are the ready-made French door blinds will not have the exact fitting. Don’t make your house fixture look awkward. You can custom made it – but this is more expensive.
  6. Determine if the French door blinds will be in harmony with the door. Who knows  instead of the French door blinds, your door would only need a valance. You save money with a valance.
  7. Define your purpose. Why do you need the French window blinds? You want it for privacy and light blocking out. So buy one that serves this purpose.
  8. The location of the door in your house is also a matter for consideration. You can have different styles for front entry doors, side doors, patio or alfresco doors or in-between room doors. French door blinds are designed differently for each kind of door.
  9. You must also consider if there is a need to include hold-downs.  This additional attachment will stop the swinging of the blinds when doors are opened and closed.

Before you buy your French door blinds be sure of the appropriate window treatments. If you are good at internet browsing, there are a lot of styles you look into. Then and only then can you be assured of your choice.