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Double Roman Shades

Double Roman Shades – Your Best Window Treatment

First we only have curtains for our windows. Home improvements became as competitive as any other enterprise so from the traditional curtains, we now have blinds and shades. Of the last type of window and door solutions come the versatile double Roman shades. Home designers and engineers make the windows and doors carry out other functions and whatever innovations they arrive at, the aesthetic aspect is always included. So from the Roman shades family, they devised another brainchild – the double Roman shades.

First, a little clarification on the home solution you call Roman shades. These are actually the same as any other shades – designated the task of blocking out lights and for privacy purposes. They come prettier than the plastic shades but cheaper than the ornate blinds. Since its launching in the market, the Roman shades became the favorite of home decorators for their solution treatment. As it gained popularity and acceptance, the family of Roman shades introduced the newer version – the double Roman shades. The term double created a mystery for many shade users.

Double Roman shades share the same function as a Roman shade – to block the glare of inward coming light. This was doubled because in a single mounting system, there are two shades – a front and a back shade. Both of the shades are Roman in style which you will enjoy because of its unprecedented attack on light and temperature control. Style indeed did not compromise for functionality. When first introduced, many home designers doubted its need – the doubling of shades in one mounting. Homeowners considered it double expenditures on a single item. But when its utility was demonstrated, the double Roman shades’ rise to stardom among shades was uncontrollable. Demand for this style was then on an upward trend.

The dual function of the double Roman shades-

The double Roman shades have two layers – the front and the back. They are installed as one. Each panel has each purpose, hence the duality in function of this type. This kind of shades benefit people who want two things done at one time; or two different needs at different points in time.

Let us look into one typical example. The double Roman shades have a translucent (semi-transparent or see-through) outer layer and a blockout layer for the other shades. The outer layer will control the light and temperature. As it is translucent, it allows a diffused light entry and a decent amount of heat penetration. Then the blockout layer will give the privacy you want.

There are some decorators and homeowners who have preference for identical materials, perhaps just different shades. You can do this! Your only guide is for each of the shades to perform the privacy and light control functions. Or, you can use contrasting materials – a heavier shade for the light control function and sheer shades for privacy in cases when the heavier shade is lifted. And one other choice for you is – you can lift one side and have the other fully drawn. This gives more aesthetic value if you use different material for each of the shades.

Actually, no set of rules are enforced regarding choice of materials. Your two shades can comprise of any material you fancy. There is no restriction so long as the materials serve both roles. You can actually customize your double shades with the purpose of making your window the center decoration of the room. The decorative shades can take the place of expensive original paintings as wall décor.

So for your distinctive window treatments – go for the double Roman shades. Who says window and door covers are not capable of being trendy? Your window treatments also go into fashion! Make your window treatments awesome and chic.