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Bamboo Roman Shade

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Why Do You Choose Bamboo Roman Shade For Your Windows And Doors?

Beautiful things? In today’s modern world, nothing is ugly. Even the face can be reformed. How much more for inanimate objects? House is a major concern – how can we make it adorable? It is a good feeling to come home to a beautiful and serene abode after hours of tiring job. So – the making of a house becomes an issue.

There is one part of the house that is usually neglected – the windows. Don’t you know it is important and functional as the other structures? The windows provide ventilation; also a beauty to behold inside a dwelling place. So – this should be given attention – maybe even prioritized.

A window needs lots of accessories – a curtain, a drape, blinds or shades. Shades for the window are sought after – for varied reasons. Shades are also used for doors. Shades are of two different kinds – roller and roman shades. The Roller shades rolls up and rolls down. The Roman shades on the other hand are pleated to form the folds. The usual materials used for the Roman folds are cloth and bamboo.

How Roman bamboo shades are made –

The back of the bamboo slits are threaded with rings and cords to enable the lifting and going down of the shades. In this raising and lowering, the folds become pleated.

Bamboo Roman shade variations

  1. Horizontal – This is more common. When you lift the shades, all pleats are at the top of the window.
  2. Vertical – This variation came later after the horizontal variation. When you pull the cord, the pleats do not go up; they are confined at the side of the window.
  3. Color – The Roman bamboo shades, whether vertical or horizontal, can come in different colors – oak, white, walnut, dark wood and light wood.
  4. Patterns – They come in different designs and patterns.
  5. Effects – they can be flat, hobbled or “tear drops”.

Other considerations when buying the Roman bamboo shades

You can choose the opaque or semi-opaque kind depending on your need for light and privacy. Then you can also choose between the motorized and the manual. In the motorized, the bamboo Roman shades are folded by a battery operated motor. The manual kind is folded using the traditional cord or rope.

Rationale for choosing the bamboo over the cloth Roman Shades

The bamboo Roman shades are easier to clean and maintain. You can just vacuum it or dust it. Or another cleaning option is wiping the slats with damp washcloth.

The bamboo Roman shades can be made to order or you can just pick one from the store. The latter is called the pre-cut bamboo Roman shades. Which one do you prefer? The pre-cut may be cheaper but you might encounter a problem in the fitting. So – when it does not perfectly conform with the measurement of your window or door, you can either hire a carpenter to fit it or you can just install it unfitted. The custom made fits perfectly well – in length and in width. But this costs more.

You can get the bamboo Roman shades from any hardware store or blinds store or – even from on-line stores. Price range may be from $30 to $100

Are you ready to put shades on your windows and doors? Why don’t you buy a bamboo Roman shade? It does not only give you lighting and privacy; it can also be an accent on your window and door.